Imperial Cesspool
serving the north shore since 1954

Joseph Loiodice was originally from upstate New York. He followed his future wife (and her family) to Long Island,
when she moved from his upstate hometown to Glen Cove. Joseph served in the U.S. Navy for four years during WWII.
After the war, he went to work for a plumber, and that's when he saw a need for servicing cesspools.

Thus began Imperial Cesspool Cleaning Co., in 1954, based out of Joseph's mother-in-law's house in Glen Cove, New York.

Joseph eventually had 7 children; the youngest
son was Peter. Peter started in the business
when he was very young—from the time he was
around 8-years-old, he often went to work with
his dad.

As he got older, Peter worked in the company on
weekends, during summers, and then, beginning
in 1975, full time.

In 1986,
Joseph's son-in-law, Kenneth Colletta,
joined the business.

In 1990 Joseph retired and Peter took over.

But to this day, Joseph—88-years-young and still
driving—comes to the yard where the trucks are
kept, to have his coffee and roll, every morning.

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